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About Fiscal Blackbox

Welcome to Fiscal Blackbox, Inc.

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Fiscal Blackbox, Inc (FBB) has acquired the Point Of Sale Development Division of RTX Technology Partners, based in Morristown New Jersey. RTX Technology Partners is a consulting firm that delivers full-service business and technology solutions to Governments and Financial institutions. RTX has its offices located in New York, Atlanta, and Nassau, Bahamas. Fiscal Blackbox is proud of its records of providing unprecedented services to its client with satisfactions guaranteed.

Fiscal Blackbox (FBB) also provide high tech Mobile Money and Airtime Revenue Verification Systems to Regulatory authorities and Internal Revenue Authorities around the World.


Our Mission

Through a revolutionary approach, we are proposing an holistic approach to;

  • Provide our clients with complete, accurate, and secure products through the application of cutting-edge technology
  • Reinforce our client’s infrastructure by offering long term, and continuous support.
  • Ensure timely and accurate services with unprecedented ease.
  • FBB Development Services

    We can help choose, build, and implement the functionality your institution requires. We use an agile approach to help analyze, develop, deploy, migrate, train, and support any infrastructure.

  • FBB Core Network

    Robust Online Servers with the ability to support millions of transactions per minute, with the latest security technologies, authentication tools and Cloud Computing with secure protocols.


    Advanced Point Of Sales technologies (APOS), designed for Governments, and Businesses with the latest cryptography technologies, Online reporting tools, and tailored to fully comply with industry standards.

Fiscal Blackbox specialises in Point Of Sales Services,

which include System Integration, ePayments for Businesses and is continuously creating innovative business solutions.

 Our approach is to establish long-term relationships with our customers and to meet their evolving needs by providing the best solutions available.

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