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Benefits of Fiscal Blackbox’s Fiscal Solution

  • Increased data collection, with a lower cost of compliance
  • Data protection through encryption
  • User friendly data manipulation platform
  • Increase services to your stakeholders
  • New applications and tools using the latest technologies
  • Better security of the infrastructure
  • Data exchange across multiple platforms


Unique characteristics of the Fiscal Blackbox APOSD fiscal solution

The Fiscal Blackbox offering is unique because it allows you to increase services delivered to your clients, decrease costs, increase security, all while minimizing risks.

The Fiscal Blackbox APOSD solution prides itself on delivering features that can:

  • Empower your business to better use POS technology
  • Be customized for your needs, and easy to use
  • Better analyze your data for smarter decisions


The Fiscal Blackbox APOSD solution is robust and network resilient

Our solution offers:

  • Rugged APOSD devices to suit all vendor types, including those with limited access to power or other supporting infrastructures
  • Battery-operated devices suited for environments with frequent power outages
  • APOSD devices with multiple SIM card operability to reduce downtime-risk and lost sales as a result of communication failures
  • Total failover backup systems in case of a total system failure due to external factors like loss of power and/or inactive telecom GPRS networks
  • Simple technologies and processes like USSD, secure SMS and IVR (with the full support of FBB) as a backup to process sales declarations in total security.


Other features and benefits of the Fiscal Blackbox APOSD fiscal Solution

  • Complete integration between APOSD devices and the servers collecting and processing the data
  • Secure data warehousing facilities
  • A real-time information management platform allowing stakeholders to closely monitor the utilization of all APOSD devices
  • A fully secure and 100% intrusion-proof network
  • Customer-incentive strategies that increases compliance


The Fiscal Blackbox platform

Our awareness of the shortcomings of previous POS devices and platforms currently deployed across the world has led us to develop a solution that is optimized to deliver measurable results consistently – in a variety of environmental and infrastructural conditions – and cost-effectively.
The following characteristics are indicative of the Fiscal Blackbox platform’s suitability for any market:

  • Multiple layers of redundancy throughout the system (e.g. devices support multiple SIM cards to provide redundancy on the GPRS transmission layer)
  • Implementation of Border Gateway Control protocols to provide dual datalink connectivity between Fiscal Blackbox and the controlling stakeholder department
  • Real-time transmission ofdata between devices and Fiscal Blackbox servers
  • Network integrity monitor system provides real-time alerts should malfunctions occur anywhere within the system
  • Comprehensive dashboard enables authorized users to monitor the network and device activities in real time, and provides a business-intelligence layer for quick decision-making
  • Communication links and information platform operated via a secure private network offers a highly secure and closed ecosystem that has no contact with the Internet
  • Real-time data replication
  • Remote device management
  • Fail-proof security protocols at a device, network and user level
  • Dynamic, flexible, customizable and scalable architecture

Winning over stakeholders through ease of use and value-added services
At Fiscal Blackbox we understand that a perfectly designed POS solution cannot succeed without your clients’ satisfaction. Our solution has thus been designed with a number of benefits for your clients themselves – improving the process, improving the cost-effectiveness, and indeed creating value for your client through beneficial services.

Fiscal Blackbox APOSD Solution as applied to the telecom industry

Fiscal Blackbox has created an APOSD solution to meet the telecom revenue assurance challenges of both the fiscal authorities and the telecom regulatory authorities. Our high-tech solution known as the Airtime Revenue Monitoring System – ARMS™enables these authorities to;

  • Control,
  • Monitor, and
  • Audit

telecom airtime and mobile money top-up revenues.

The Fiscal Blackbox ARMS solution is designed for:

  • Telecommunication regulatory authorities seeking accurate, complete and independently verifiable data on operator revenues
  • Fiscal authorities looking for tools to verify and audit the declarations of the telecom carriers
  • Banking regulatory authorities looking for tools to ensure the security and solvency of the mobile banking operations and collect forensic data to fight electronic fraud and
    money laundering


Fiscal Blackbox APOSD Solution as applied to other government agencies collecting revenues

  • Police and traffic departments seeking tools to automate their traffic fines collection systems.
  • City council and local mayors seeking tools to automate their local real estate tax collection, create inventories of local traders, and improve the collection of public parking dues
    and other excise taxes


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